Professional Demeanor As A Nurse Association

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According to the National Student Nurse Association (NSNA), “nursing is identified as a profession because it requires both extensive education in science and specialized training but simply working in an identified profession does not automatically make one a professional.” The NSNA describes professionalism as a great deal more than just a degree or credentials, but as entailing a certain work ethic, attitude, code of conduct, appearance and communication style. It is very crucial to maintain a professional demeanor as a nurse not only for the profession perspective in itself, but to instill faith in your health care team, patients and their families (NSNA). So what is the benefit of adopting a professional demeanor when working as a nurse? How you act in any situation speaks volumes about your character and can convey confidence with your patients, or completely shatter their faith in you (Gill, 2014). This is where communication and clinical ethics will really come into play throughout your career. The use of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, justice and nursing code of conduct will be pivotal throughout your mind your entire career! Also, staying calm and your reactions will not only help build faith in your patients, but build faith in yourself to endure and survive stressful situations throughout your life. Another part of a professional demeanor that is often forgotten about is body language, since it is not verbal. Rolling your eyes, making facial expressions
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