Professional Development : A Teacher 's Recognition Of Individual Learning Styles

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Throughout an individual’s career in nursing, ongoing professional development is vital to provide successful evidence based, person centered practice. The NMC (2015, p. 17) states that all nursing professionals have a responsibility to continuously update their skills and knowledge, this is a lifelong process. Additionally, registered nurses have a duty to ensure that students and colleagues are supported to progress with professional development (NMC, 2015 p. 9). This emphasises the significance for student nurses to develop an understanding of the underpinning preferences of their own learning styles alongside the learning theories to support their knowledge. Delivery of this knowledge by a teacher’s recognition of individual learning styles, alongside the fundamental basics of learning theory, and the provision of an appropriate environment, can support the student’s application of their knowledge into practice. Over many years’ psychologists have been unable to agree upon a clear definition of what learning is (De Houwer et al., 2013). This has caused great debate between psychologists and pushed for ongoing research into the subject. However, Pritchard (2008) describes learning as the procurement of knowledge or skill thus resulting in a change or modification of behaviour. Before individual learning styles and how these can be applied into nursing studies are considered, it is important to understand the underpinning knowledge of the theoretical perspectives of
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