Professional Development Action Plan

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Careers are sometimes as fleeting as the dreams that encompass them. Often, individuals, in search of a career dream of financial security, the ability to purchase a dream home, or obtaining material possessions that may showcase their wealth or status. There is no lack of ambition and fortitude within individuals in this regard. We all want to achieve success is some form or another. We all aspire for greatness, albeit in varying degrees and capacities. What is lacking however is a concrete method in which to achieve ones desired financial and career goals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in a recent report indicated that individuals change careers approximately 11 times during their lifetime. Why do people change so often? Many explanations currently exist. The changing global economy is creating demand for other skills that were previously unwarranted. Many jobs are becoming obsolete as they are either replaced or outsourced overseas. Many jobs are cyclical in nature and thus are only needed during periods of economic euphoria or expansion. No matter what the theory is however, one constant will always remain. Individuals need to utilize their talents and skillsets to maximize their earnings potential. One such talent is that of leadership. Leadership is ubiquitous. It is needed in almost any industry within every geographic location on Earth. No area on Earth is exempt from the need for leadership. In order to cultivate and develop my leadership skills, a tactical plan is
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