Professional Development And Lifelong Learning

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The profession of nursing is held to high standards by many individuals. “There is increasing recognition that health professionals should engage in continuing professional development and lifelong learning” (Casey & Clark, 2010, p. 35). The United States health care practice is continuously changing and reforming, therefore, health care professionals have to develop in a way to manage the complex health care related needs of the patients (Casey & Clark, 2010). “Increasingly, registered nurses will need to acquire and develop the skills and attributes required to deal with a range of new and emerging nursing responsibilities, as health and social care teams become more diverse” (Casey & Clark, 2010, p. 38). As a nurse, I continue to assess my current status professionally and personally, as well as plan my professional development for the future. Professional Self-Assessment It was not until I graduated high school and started college that I became completely determined and motivated to continuously improve my future and career. During my senior year in high school, my family underwent a difficult time with the death of my grandfather. He had been diagnosed with cancer and battled the cancer for a year before it took him from us. He actually passed only two weeks before my graduation date. It was not until I witnessed the wonder impact a group of nurses had on my grandfather’s battle with cancer and my family that I realized what my career calling was to be. I
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