Professional Development And Social Work

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Bharathiyar University MUTHUKUMARAN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Professional Development and
Reforming Social Work in Best Practice

Social workers play an essential in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. For individuals and families who come into contact with them, the services and guidance they provide can be essential, providing guidance, support, and access to vital services. The goal of this report is to highlight ways in which the social work profession can be reformed in the face of significant challenges to effect improvement in the lives of the most vulnerable. As part of this programme of work, we launched a call for evidence asking social work students, current social workers, and past social workers for their thoughts on the challenges facing the profession. Alongside this we spoke in depth with over 20 social workers and managers about their day-to-day experiences and how they thought training, practice and other elements of the profession should change. We also consulted professional organisations, charities, and practitioners involved in the social work profession. In addition we sent out 173 Freedom of Information requests to Local Authorities asking for details of their staffing arrangements, vacancy rates, turnover rates, and pay scales.
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