Professional Development Education

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Professional Development Education Professional development is any type of learning opportunity that a person goes through, it can range from college degrees to some formal coursework or conference attended and any practical experience acquired in the performance of their job. Coaching, lesson study, consultations, seminars and workshops are some of the ways one attains the desired professional development ADDIN EN.CITE Penuel20071187(Penuel, Fishman, Yamaguchi, & Gallagher, 2007)1187118717Penuel, William R.Fishman, Barry J.Yamaguchi, RyokoGallagher, Lawrence P.What Makes Professional Development Effective? Strategies That Foster Curriculum ImplementationAmerican Educational Research JournalAmerican Educational Research Journal921-9584442007American Educational Research Association00028312 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_5" o "Penuel, 2007 #1187" Penuel, Fishman, Yamaguchi, & Gallagher, 2007). Reasons that lead to people participating in professional development are various and diverse; career progression, professional competence maintenance, due to new technology, lifelong desire and interest, and as a compliance to a professional organization ADDIN EN.CITE Lawless20071188(Lawless & Pellegrino, 2007)1188118817Lawless, Kimberly A.Pellegrino, James W.Professional Development in Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning: Knowns, Unknowns, and Ways to Pursue Better Questions and AnswersReview of Educational ResearchReview of Educational
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