Professional Development Essay. As A Certified Public Accountant,

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Professional Development Essay As a certified public accountant, there are a couple of organizations that provide opportunities, knowledge, information and other opportunities that can be beneficial to a new accountant, an accountant nearing the end of his career, an accounting firm, or an individual looking to become a certified public accountant. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accounts both offer unique benefits to their members. In this regard, one must consider whether it is worth being in one organization, both organizations or neither organization if potential benefits of membership can’t outweigh the costs associated with membership. The American Institute…show more content…
For example, the AICPA publishes The Journal of Accountancy and CPA Letters Daily, that both provide content of accounting issues and new developments within the industry. The only downside noted to being a member in this organization is that the fees can be costly running from $255 for an individual to as high as $445 for a partner in a firm or as a sole practitioner (“American Institute of CPA’s,”n.d.). The Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants, MICPA, is similar to the AICPA, but more at the individualized state level. The MICPA is there to provide services to all accountants within the state of Michigan and addresses questions and concerns regarding the accounting profession. The MICPA offers support to all members by providing a useful place to track your continued professional education and similar to the AICPA advocates for the profession at the state level (“MICPA,” n.d.). Membership in the MICPA also garners significant benefits. The organization provides connections to experts in the industry, including those with specialized training. It offers the networking ability to find another in your profession who may have more expertise in your subject area. Discounts can also be obtained in the areas of legal help, insurance, professional publications, certified public accountant review courses and for deals with the various professional sports teams and some retailers within
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