Professional Development For Blended Learning Essay

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Professional Development for Blended Learning
Danielle Sherfey, William Pollock, Brandi Miranda
Columbus State University

Introduction The idea of every student fitting into one box is long gone in education. More and more schools and organizations are putting their efforts into providing individualized learning that will allow students to work at their own pace and achieve success. With this is the growing use of technology to achieve the goals of proficiency and to provide students with effective and engaging lessons to master content. Technology in education is continuing to grow each school year causing state and local school districts to form policies to support the effective and transformational use of technology and its impact in classroom instruction.
Screven County is a large rural county that mostly agriculture oriented and is geographically located in southeast Georgia. Population figures from a 2010 census show 14,953 residents of which 26.2% live at or below the poverty level. This poverty level percent is almost double the poverty level of the United States as a whole. To meet the diverse educational needs of high poverty student population as well as the modern student populations of Screven County, the Screven County School System has been diligent in their approach to provide access to technology and have this technology available to all students. From previous and current grant funds, the infrastructure is in place to support the data requirements
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