Professional Development Of Nursing Profession

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Professional Development of Nursing Profession Roseann Ungar Grand Canyon University NRS-430V March 13, 2016 The nursing profession is heading toward major changes that will have an impact to all practicing nurses and new students entering into nursing schools. The future of the nursing profession today is being influenced by four key messages given by the IOM committees to help reform the health care system. Nurses are to put into practice the full degree of their education and training; aim to achieve higher education and continue training promoting a seamless academic progression; become partners with physicians and health professionals within their work field in modernizing health care in the United States; and create an effective workforce in both policy making and planning in order to improve data collection and information infrastructure. (ANA, 2011, p 1). The changes are within the education for nursing, nursing practice, primary care, and nurses roles as leaders. These changes are based on the increase patient’s acuity, changes in the health care system, and population. To meet the changes of the health care system, the IOM has eight recommendations to achieve higher level of education and improve education which will help provide high quality of care. Most of the recommendations focus mainly on education of nurses. Recommendation 1: remove scope of practice barriers. Advanced practice registered
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