Professional Development Opportunities For Employees

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Introduction As a newly acquired organization, our workforce is struggling to embrace the new procedures, policies, and corporate environment. This has created an organizational climate with dwindling motivation and low morale. A new rewards and recognition program will demonstrate to all levels of employees and Stakeholders, that the organization is committed to providing clarity and motivation as we all adjust to the many new procedures, policies, and practices required by the merger. This proposal is a comprehensive plan in which goal-setting based on job-description, organizational need, and the expectations of employees and supervisors is completed. The plan will outline any professional development opportunities for employees that…show more content…
After the merger, customer satisfaction, as noted by formal surveys and informal feedback, has been lower than ever. Based on the all the information available, it seems that the lower customer satisfaction scores are related to the overall climate of our organization during this period of change. Addressing the issues presented by employees and customers will require our organizational leaders to adopt many strategic initiatives. Background of Current Rewards and Recognition Program The organization did not have a formal program in the past that provided feedback on employee satisfaction, engagement or employee job performance. The current program is used more as an incentive for financial reward based on time line completion. The program does not take into account the employees’ talents, knowledge, engagement or satisfaction with the current role and does not foster future job growth, increased income, or job satisfaction. Recently, the organization utilized Gallup to poll our employees on employee satisfaction, engagement or employee talents based on job duties. Disconnect Between Company and Employees The disconnect, between the top level organization and employees, has resulted in a significantly reduced level of engagement among employees. “Gallup research shows that 13% of
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