Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan
AED 201 Teaching as a Profession
August , 2010
Kymm Corbin

The goals I have set for myself for the next five years are to becoming a successful, dependable, and productive teacher. The road to for filling this goal will have many adversities such as long hours of instruction from a six years degree program from University of Phoenix. I will have to dedicate my efforts and time in to achieve this process of obtaining my degrees. The way to achieve these goals it to develop good study habits, read material pertain to education, research information, and also be committed to the process. I will also find a program that I can be an assistance in the school system in order reinforce the skills I will be learn.
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Also I will be letting the students and parents know the expectations for all my students learning for their lessons and doing the work. This will be accomplished when the school has its open house so the parents and student can meet. I will advise the students and parents of what the classroom guidelines that will be for in place the year and that I will need every one assistance so the children can succeed. I will present this in a positive manner so that the parents and students to feel like they are in a military school. That students are here to learn and it will be my job to make sure that you do learn, but in a way that makes you want to learn. I believe that by identifying my concerns in the beginning will help me to be an effective teacher and my students will become great achievers in their studies. This will also give me an opportunity to observe how the students will react to these expectations that will in turn help me develop a technique for a lesson plan. Being involved in professional development programs, seek help from other experience teachers, and take notes. I must also listen to my students to see as teacher what I am doing wrong if they’re not learning the subject and to understand why they are not learning. I want to meet their needs because they’re the most important ones in the classroom. The web site “Inspiring Teachers” was designed by teachers to help support both veteran and new teachers. This site give moral support
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