Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan
The group members of Learning Team A took a DISC assessment to determine their personality types, strengths and weaknesses, and areas needing improvement. The members of the group are (your name). The Professional Development Plan will describe the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type, characteristics each type share and characteristics that could cause conflict, and how each type can work together. Along with showing how I the manager can better my ability to lead the team.
The DISC assessment generated three personality types within the group: Interactive, Cautious, and Dominance. Three members of the group that include myself are labeled as Interactive. The Interactive strengths include
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All these positions need one another for the dealership to thrive.
The DISC assessment labeled me with an Interactive personality and I actually disagree. I tend to have more of a Dominance personality. I want to be in charge, keep things at a fast pace, and tend to get irritated when there is a delay in my projects. I feel "a good leader is usually passionate about the organization and his or her work, exudes confidence in his or her abilities, can organizes and makes sense of complex situations, maintains high standards and inspires others to do the same, can motivate and inspire employees, and is generally looked up to as a person of vision" (Hill, 2009). This is a quote that I want base my leadership on. I agree with everything it expresses. I feel that I could inspire greatly the members of my group and motivate him or her to accomplish their goals.
I look forward to learning more skills about becoming a leader. The DISC assessment has show all the different characteristics of each personality type. There are many traits that each type share and some that could cause some conflict, but without those certain people would not get that push needed to succeed in life. The group members will need to understand how to rely on one another even if he or she is uncomfortable with that type of personality. My ability to lead the team will be based on my willingness to learn from the team and understand it is a
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