Professional Development Plan Essay

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My interest in pursuing a position as a school administrator for an elementary school system is to provide leadership for staff members and quality education for all students, and to become part of the world of education. The Benjamin Franklin School located in the Dallas School District serves as a growing population of approximately 1,070 students. The school offers a well-defined educational system for the students, and it has an overall student-to-teacher ratio of 17:1. In addition to the statewide curriculum standards, the school offers special education programs and classes for the gifted and talented. As a result of the school district rankings in the student’s performance, Benjamin Franklin School has become the worst in the…show more content…
This will allow for dialogue between faculty, staff, and myself as the administrator. I am currently working as an elementary school aide to prepare for what I need in order to be successful as a school administrator since most duties are non-professional. A successful operation of an educational institution requires a competent administrator, such as one who can lead in teaching and learning, take responsibility for school success, develop and retain excellent teachers, and build a strong school community. Leadership plays a critical part in the realization of effective schools, seeing the vision of the school, and articulates the goals. Leadership is a trait I use daily working with people getting things done by modeling behaviors and inspiring action.
The benefit of becoming a school administrator will allow me to touch the lives of many students to help them achieve their life’s goals. I will be responsible in motivating staff and holding them accountable while implementing school-improvement strategies such as using data to identify and plan for needed changes in the instructional programs, which is equally important in meeting the goal. I will have involvement in setting educational standards, goals, establishing policies and procedures to enforce discipline, evaluate curricula, teaching methods, and to comply
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