Professional Development Plan Essay examples

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Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan
General Electric has always been a pioneer in technological advancements. In order to succeed in business and be successful GE periodically performs a Need Analysis on areas the company has earmarked for improvement. A Team Concept has been adopted as the most efficient means of exchanging ideas and implementing change. It helps employees develop an understanding of buy in and also allows each to feel important. Inspiring motivation at every level of the company creates an environment of diversity and equal treatment. Leadership, mentorship, and training programs help develop the tools necessary for achieving company goals and tasks. Team B will
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These weaknesses affect the company tremendously along with the threats of the world economic crisis, political risks, governments’ market regulations, and unstable financial markets. A wide range portfolio, which is strongly vulnerable to world economic crisis, GE is also suffering from a decreasing demand and prices. One of the most positive aspects of investing in GE is that investors can be protected from big decrements. GE is also implementing new technologies and products, which offsets the losses and negative tendencies in some areas of GE (Ozcan, 2013). The team analysis major areas of concerns are communication, development, and support. General Electric (GE) has established teams to bring about new and creative ideas for the future world of innovations. Because GE’s commitment to the development of advanced technology and employee growth, the company selects members with different levels of training or experience in order to establish new ways of creating electric equipment. This quantitative ability and collective thinking is the reasoning behind forming a team analysis. After the completion of the organizational and team analysis, a task analysis will aid in determining whether a company has

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