Professional Development Policy : Purpose

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Professional development policy: Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to: • define the responsibility of manager and supervisor at all level in organizational staff learning and development areas; • define the roles of the Human Resource team to co-ordinate the supplies of organizational learning and development opportunity; • define the responsibilities of the individual staffs; • explain the opportunities available for staffs to explore their learning and development. All the staffs need to strictly follow the following procedures: • identify the learning and development need of staffs under their leaderships and directions. This can be achieved through observing performances, undertaking formal and informal discussion with staffs,…show more content…
Recruitment and selection process: Process 1: identify vacancies and evaluate needs Process 2: develop job position descriptions Process 3: develop recruitment planning Process 4: select search committees Process 5: communicate positions and implement recruitment planning Process 6: review applicants work experiences and develop short listing Process 7: conduct panel interviewing Process 8: select staffs from panel discussions and decisions Process 9: finalize recruitment by designing the employment contracts and send the successful and unsuccessful notifications to all the job applicants. Remuneration (Payment) process: Process 1: Staffs provide the relevant bank details, superannuation and tax details to HR prior to commencing their employment On accepting the offer of employment, a
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