Professional Development: Reflection At Kent State

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Professional Development Paper

Reflection at Kent State
My experience at Kent State so far has been short and excellent. With the help of my advisor, I was very fortunate to be placed at the VA for my practicum. Working with Veterans has been a goal of mine for some time. I would like to say how excellent my professors have been so far, they have provided me with the essential tools that have been an asset while continuing to strengthening my professional skills. The research has been very challenging and rewarding at the same time. Kent State has a strong, challenging and rewarding MSSW program.
Working with Veterans
I have several family members that served in the military and in all the branches of the military, except for the coast guard. I can remember at a very young age I wanted to work with veterans. Watching my family
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Working with Veteran you really need to know military culture. Although I understand military culture I still need to work on it more. I want to know the branches ranks and roles. I think this is important for me to know so I am competent in this area. I will continue to work on trusting my decisions and not doubting them after I make. I will continue to work on all areas of my professional development, I believe that this should be an ongoing throughout my career.
Plan this semester
My plan to further my professional development in military culture is to further my research study the material and make notes. I will write down each branch along with their ranks and roles and learn them. I will work on trusting my decisions I make without doubting them by not questioning my final decision. Throughout the semester, I will make myself aware of all areas of my professional development that needs
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