Professional Development Report

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Lynwood Stewart
Christopher Thacker
Professional Development Report

Career Decision Reflection

1. Describe your level job search readiness (draw on your job search readiness survey). KSA Evalution. All of the KSA’s are essential to exceed in my field, but the most important would be communication, critical thinking, leadership & teamwork, and marketability. Making persuasive, articulate written reports and oral presentations are perhaps the most important skills I will need. Creating strategies that help companies meet sales objectives is my primary function. If I cannot communicate these strategies, it would hinder me from doing my job properly. With the help of BUSX-301 and MKGT-341, my written and oral presentation
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I also need to hone my skills in ethics and values, attitudes and practical excellence, and marketability. Ultimately, I need to find out exactly what my strengths are, along with my personality type, and match that to the career that would allow my talents to flourish.

Oral Presentations

Importance of Oral Presentation. Oral presentation skills are of the utmost important in my field. On a daily basis a marketing manager will formulate, direct, and coordinate marketing activities and policies in order to promote products and services. He or she will also have to evaluate financial aspects of product development and the organization’s marketing strategy. After accomplishing these objectives, the resulting information will have to be relayed to the appropriate personnel. Whether it be during a meeting with an executive board member or a briefing to the marketing team, the information will have to be clear, concise, and to the point. If it is not, there could be misinterpretation. Misinterpretation at any level can be problematic which is why oral presentation skills are extremely important to my field.

3. How many presentations should you expect give in the past year as a part of your job? What does this say about the importance presentations in your field?

Presentation: Good vs. Bad. A good presentation follows a deductive structure and carries relevant
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