Professional Development Training Framework For Students

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Professional Development Training Framework
WRiTE BRAiN offers a vast menu of staff development opportunities for all types of education communities: school day professionals, after school instructors/facilitators, charter and independent school teachers, community leaders and parents.
Our goal is to provide seamless support on an ongoing basis to ensure the success of WRiTE BRAiN in your school or program. Our educational services are customized to the needs of your class and students. We offer an innovative, easily implemented curricula and professional development program to sustain and inspire educators throughout the authoring process.
Our trainings include a hands-on, interactive overview of the WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS program and
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o WRiTE BRAiN: Creative and Narrative Writing
 Participants will learn how WRiTE BRAiN is designed to engage students in a creative writing process that will ignite excitement about writing and how as a result, students find their own voices and build their self-esteem. We present over five creative writing activities for participants to take back into their classrooms.

o WRiTE BRAiN and 21st Century Learning Skills/Project Based Learning
 Participants will learn how the collaborative and self-directed disguised learning process is a gateway to career and college readiness skills. We will share how students who participate in the WRiTE BRAiN program become stronger communicators and collaborators and better critical and analytical thinkers. Furthermore, we will share how students build more confidence in their personal and academic lives.

o WRiTE BRAiN and Family/Community Engagement
 In this session, we reveal how other schools are creating family and community events with WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS. In a guided brainstorming session, we will help participants create which planned events and engagement activities suit their communities best.

o WRiTE BRAiN and Common Core or your State Standards
 We are aligned with everything! If your state is aligning with the Common Core or otherwise, this training will help participants understand how WRiTE BRAiN is naturally aligned with any ELA standard in the
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