Essay on Professional Development in Nursing Professionals

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Professional Development in Nursing Professionals Nursing is a process in which include assisting clients (patients) in preventing illness, maintaining health, diagnosing disease process and treating appropriately. It also helps to prevent or minimize limitations. Standard of care is “what” and “how” of delivering care and professional responsibility and these are interconnected. Because of the quick changes in the health care system today the complexity of medical conditions of the clients, nurses needs to be highly educated to adapt the changes and achieve professional goals. In 2010, Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWF) did a research and made recommendations on “The future of Nursing: Leading Change,…show more content…
And also there is a recommendation for a residency program for nurses to get more education and training to handle the responsibilities and increasing complexity and for lifelong learning. In the changing and challenging health care environment the nurses are with higher clinical skills and competencies but their ability to provide the high quality of nursing care is restricted by regulations. Rules and regulations are very important for safe practice .The legal scope practice is varied according to the State legislation. Because of the Medicare Medicaid, The Federal Government implemented regulatory system to manage the funds efficiently. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) can function in a primary care setting with Physician’s supervision. The higher education, scientific knowledge and training to perform in their field of work provide them with more job opportunities. Because of a shortage in primary care Physicians to meet the needs of aging population with chronic health problems and complex disease process APRN’s can utilize the opportunity to practice in primary care. They can assess the patient, diagnose and treat them to achieve the highest level of health possible. APRN’s spread their practice area of care not
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