Professional Development of Professional Nursing Essay

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Professional Development of Nursing professionals Introduction Nursing has become the fastest growing profession within the health care field. Nursing has increased not only in demand but also in standards of patient care and expectations. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) discusses various changes within the scope of nursing as well as how nursing has and impact on the future for advancing health. Furthermore, IOM has significantly impacted the nursing education, nursing practice, as well as nurses roles as leaders. Nursing Education In order to become a nurse we have to educationally prepared, this entails achieving various degrees such as associates, baccalaureate, masters and /or doctorates. But this does not…show more content…
As a registered nurse, it is up to one self to continue to seek out knowledge and get educated with the latest advancements and treatments to continue delivering quality patient care. In addition to continuing education, each individual as stated by the IOM should continue to advance their degree in nursing for the safety of the patient we take care of. IOM states that nurses have to be more knowledgeable, versatile, adaptable and talented. According to IOM reports among those qualities that were listed the first three are the most important. By taking the initiative to advance my education and learning evidence based practices I will be able to not only change quality of my practice by giving them better supportive care but also give me broader knowledge and increasing my versatility and adaptability. Nursing Barriers Changes have not come easily, like every change there were challenges that had to be surpassed. IOM states that nursing barriers are mainly of three types Historical, Professional resistance, and regulatory. Professional and regulatory showing the most resistance, one major concern was not supporting nurses in carrier expansion by claiming lack of knowledge or experience, even though others with lower experience and education are being used. Regulatory are mainly due to the unwilling less to change regulations accordingly one such popular beliefs that physicians
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