Essay on Professional Development of the Nursing Professionals

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Running head: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE NURSING PROFESSIONALS Professional Development of the Nursing Professionals Stephanie S. Bustoz Grand Canyon University: NRS 430 September 18, 2012 Professional Development of the Nursing Professionals The world is an ever-changing planet with continuous progress towards bigger and better. Nursing is no different. We are always striving for ways to increase our knowledge, skills, existence, authority, independence, and notability as we work towards a healthier community and patient population. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report researched and has designed a new plan for nursing with four key points that will encourage the profession to advance to the next level.…show more content…
It is vital that the education system for nursing be streamlined to make it easier for nurses to want to go back to school, to be able to afford to go back to school, and have the accessibility such as online classes and work sponsored training so that we can continue to thrive and evolve in today’s advanced medicine. Change to Meet the IOM Goals Nursing is a profession that continues to grow in strength, numbers, and knowledge everyday leading to a stronger population of community nursing providers. Yet, we are still lacking the creditability and respect that our licenses have afforded us to have. There are a wide number of skills that Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN’s) hold to help maintain and improve patient standards of health, if only they were allowed to function in the role as a primary caregiver as they are trained to do. APRN’s are able to see and treat patient’s, provide community health information including chronic disease teaching and management, and even prescribe medications, request testing and admit patients into the hospital within their scopes of practice (IOM, 2011 pg. 106). These skills are valuable in getting healthcare to urban and rural communities that lack quality healthcare and medical doctors. Across the United States, however, regulations vary and prevent many APRN’s from practicing to the full extent of their
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