Professional Developmental Plan For Nursing

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Professional Developmental Plan Today more hospitals and employers are seeking to hire nurses who have a “broader knowledge base of patient care, quality standards, business acumen and other skills” (as cited in American Sentinel, 2013, para 1). Obtaining the Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing would fulfill these requirements for healthcare industry. The further education will improve outcome of the patient’s health and develop a sense of personal accomplishment. I will discuss the advancement opportunities for BSN nursing, my interview with a BSN nurse and benefits of joining a professional organization. With the current trend, nurses are expected to continuously gain knowledge and improve skills within their profession. Advancement Opportunities If a nurse wants to expand their employment horizons, this can be accomplished by obtaining their BSN. It provides various options available not only in the clinical but management setting of nursing. According to Wagner, there will be “greater opportunity for career advancement, improved prospects for job mobility and security and higher potential earning” (as cited in American Sentinel, 2013, para 2). Wagner also believes “there is no way that nurses can get all of the needed knowledge with only an ADN degree” (as cited in American Sentinel, 2013, “Greater Opportunities”, para 3). Furthering your nursing education, will provide more opportunities to serve your community and patient. Also, this will help
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