Professional Discourse Community Analysis

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In every person’s life we have the chance to interact in various ways within our own communities. Predominantly, these methods are verbal and written. No two communities are the same meaning separating professional discourse and familial discourse become imperative.
Learning from those who were in the environment prior to us, provides an example of what the community setting requires. Some environments allow for a mixture of both while still being successful. I have found writing and communication are essential in our daily lives and activities from military, career, business and passions.
My background in the military gave me a professional discourse in writing and communication. As a CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Enhanced
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Our team maintained a digital and written line of communication with the proficiency in integrated computer systems and secure radio connections. While stressful, this job gave me a chance to use formal community discourse.
Professions call for a formal discourse between employee and employer. A community

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The medical field is a prime example of professional discourse. Being Certified
Pharmacy Technician I use various discourse styles between patients, Pharmacist,
Doctors and Insurance Companies. Utilizing a relaxed and understanding tone with patients provide a sense of compassion, “I am sorry you are not feeling well, let me find your medications.” With the same patient an instant could switch the tone used if a concern needs brought to the Pharmacist attention. “Ma’am, Mrs. Jones requires a consultation for her new medication. She is already on a blood thinner.” I know these different approaches from the training in classroom settings, regular use of techniques and reading provided journals on new medications. Every two years I take a recertification course that encapsulates the multi-discourse field.
My personal business uses digital media and networking as the primary way
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Genes like piebald, dwarf, leucistic or ivory are recessive and require the time to look into “the what if I do this” factor. With reading, writing and talking on-line a global community can thrive and I can be successful.

Discourse Community Map
One person cannot be all work and no play, the love of music is a common passion in each community. The clarinet has been my voice in various settings for over twenty years and a way to bond with the creative discourse communities. The proverb,
“He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches” while a sophisticated outlook, it is a critical part of the music world. On one side of the coin I found myself as a student, and as I grew more knowledgeable I began to teach. As a learner, practicing and studying various forms of music improves us. Music theory uses self-growth in scales, tempo, pitch, and sight reading at each level of the community. What I enjoy about this community are the rewards over music knowledge itself. Competing in competitions and seeing how the hours of hard work pays off and well worth it. Instant gratification also comes
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