Professional Engineering And The Laws

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Professional Engineering and the Laws The role of the professional Engineer entails a legal aspect that he or she is compelled to comply with in the execution of their responsibilities. The relevant statutes and regulations were adequately addressed in the case of “The Walkerton Inquiry”. These statutes and regulations include standard design approaches, management of water resources, construction of infrastructure and operation for the provision of quality and safe drinking water. The responsibility of Professional Engineers is to perform all their duties in compliance with the PEO standards to safeguard public health and drinking water. Federal and Provincial Statutes That Relate To the Case There are established Federal and Provincial Statutes relating to “The Walkerton Inquiry”. The PEO established these statutes in order to regulate and maintain public drinking water. The following are the provincial and federal statutes related to the case: Federal Statutes: • The Canadian Health and Safety Regulations • The Labour Code • The National Building Code Act Provincial Statutes: • Drainage Act • Drinking Water Protection • Environment Protection Act • Environmental Assessment Act • Health Act • Municipal by-laws • Occupational Health and Safety Act • Ontario Building Code Act • Ontario Water Resources Act Relevant PEO Professional Practice Guidelines There are guidelines that have been created to safeguard the interest of the public. These guidelines have been established
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