Professional Ethics In Pescanova

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To all of this must be added the inability or blindness by the BDO auditor to detect or publish the irregularities committed, falling into a lack of professional ethics in the duty to carry out an exhaustive control of the accounts and not merely testimonial as they have done.
The continuous failures and the delays in the payments did not get the attention of the banks, which are considered to have made in many cases the "blind eye" for being Pescanova, or that accustomed to these actions went through them as habitual, relaxing due diligence.
Ethical spillovers
Seen also in cases such as Enron or Madoff, in Pescanova this ethical culture was infected and inherited; employees of the subsidiaries learned from the time they landed to duplicate invoices or directly
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The president's threats to journalists who asked too much, or to employees who doubted the ethics / legality of their actions were assimilated internally; the initiatives putting in doubt the management of the company were considered an attack against all those that conformed it.
It is public the case of an employee of an external consultant who was fired because his wife was a reporter for the newspaper Expansión, whose articles about the company the president of Pescanova did not like. He pressured the company to fire the employee, under threat of losing projects.
Motivated Blindness
The attitude of the directors of the subsidiaries in the use of their resources to falsify invoices (with the consequent increase in turnover); the attitude of the auditor, in order to maintain a large recurring client (more than 10 years); the attitude of the directors of Pescanova to the behavior of its president or other directors so that they could maintain their succulent emoluments, are clear examples of Motivated
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