Professional Ethics ( Or Business Ethics )

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Professional ethics (or business ethics), by definition, are “professionally accepted standards of personal and business behaviour, values and guiding principles” (Dictionary, 2015), and in the business world they are a crucial part of responsible decision making (Anderson, 2004). The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) is a nationwide organisation that represents human resources and people management. The AHRI educates individuals involved in HR, people management and business, by training members to be highly skilled in their division. The firm was founded in 1943 as the Personnel and Industrial Welfare Officers Association, which was renamed numerous times until settling on The Australian Human Resources Institute in 1992. In 1999, following years of financial turmoil, AHRI was obtained by Deakin University, who after seven years, and in complete confidence that all financial matters had been resolved, sold the business to a group of representatives of the AHRI members. To facilitate the purchase, which was finalised in 2006, two companies were founded- AHRI Services Co Limited and AHRI Limited. The two companies merged into AHRI Limited in 2007, and the organisation was soon after made official (AHRI, 2015). The AHRI’s code of ethics and professional conduct displays and outlines the professional and ethical manner that those involved are to undertake when carrying out human resources as a profession. When joining the Australian human resource institute
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