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Professional Ethics Paper Carolyn Smith HCS/478 August 15, 2011 Ann-Marie Peckham Professional Ethics Paper The purpose of this paper is to discuss the relationship among professional values, ethics, and legal issues. A person’s personal values and ethics can influence their professional values and ethics in the workplace. Finding the right balance between personal and professional views in the workplace will help foster a successful career. This paper will cover relationships between legal and ethical issues as well as personal values and professional ethics. Relationships between Legal and Ethical Issues According to Wacker-Guido & Watson (2010), there are eight ethical principles that nurses encounter when making…show more content…
Alerting professional bodies or to structures internal to an organization about poor practice or other issues of concern, is wholly acceptable. Nurses have a moral obligation and must recognize and challenge medical authority if it is the best thing to do for the patient (Chiarella & McInnes, 2008). According to Wacker and Watson, (nd. pg. 70) legal concepts are equally important as ethics concepts in forming a framework for practice in health care settings. A general definition of law is that it concerns rules and regulations by which a society is governed. These rules and regulations are made by individuals and are capable of being changed or modified. Legal issues differ from ethical issues in that laws are external to the individual because they entail the rules and regulations of society as a whole, and laws are concerned with one’s conduct and actions as opposed to the motives and values of the individual. The question asked is “What did the person do or fail to do?” rather than “Why did the person act as he did?” Finally, the enforcement of laws is much stronger that enforcement of ethics; laws are enforced through courts of law, statutes, and state boards of nursing. The law recognizes that a competent individual must

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