Professional Ethics : Professional Ethical Framework

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Joy Thomas
Week 4-5
M3 Assignment - Create your own Ethical Framework

Professional Ethical Framework in School Counseling

Preamble The American School Counselor Association is a professional organization whose members have a unique and distinctive preparation, grounded in the behavioral sciences, with training in clinical skills adapted to the school setting. The school counselor assists in the growth and development of each individual and uses highly specialized skills to protect the interests of the client within the structure of the school system. The Ethical Standards for School Counselors were developed to clarify the nature of ethical responsibilities held in common by school counseling professionals. The purpose is to serve as a guide for the ethical practices of all professional school counselors regardless of level, area, and population served. As well as provide benchmarks for both self appraisal and peer evaluations.
School Counselors follow the basic tenets of the counseling process from which professional responsibilities are derived.

Responsibilities to myself Each person has the right to privacy and thereby the right to expect the counselor-counselee relationship to comply with all laws, policies, and ethical standards pertaining to confidentiality. The client has the right to respect and dignity as a human being and to counseling services without prejudice as to person, character, belief, or practice regardless of age, color, disability, ethnic group,…
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