Professional Ethics in Geography Essay

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For any professional establishment, ethics is considered an important aspect within the work place. Ethics are a set of concepts and principles that guide us in determining what behavior helps or harms others. For professional ethics, they encompass the personal, organizational, and corporate standards of behavior expected. These may include honesty, integrity, accountability, respectfulness, confidentiality, etc. For professional geographers - whether it is non-profit, profit, or a government agency – it is important to ensure that these ethics are being used and that we treat the products/data, the people we work with, and the work place with respect.
The issues relating to professional geographers include control of and access to information, privacy and misuse of data, and international considerations. All of these extend to electronic networks, electronic databases, and to professional geographers using geographic information systems. When working as a professional geographer, it is important to address any concerns to the appropriate department. Issues to report are theft, fraud, conflicts of interest, threat to employee safety, unauthorized access to customer or employee information, and unlawful practices.
When working with others, it requires respect for opinions and rights of others – which is not spreading accusations and/or rumors about colleagues and allowing an open and honest ability to discuss differences and concerns. According to the Association of…