Professional Experience as a Preceptor

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Introduction In this paper I will discuss how preceptors and educational leaders have contributed to my nursing career and many others. The mentors who have the most influence on nurses are those that stick with the nurses and help give them the motivation they need to move through obstacles. In the first few paragraphs, I will discuss my personal experience with a mentor and the characteristics they possessed that were beneficial to me. Mentors have become a great influence in my career and many others. In the last section of this paper, I will discuss some of my personal experiences in example and support why I value the characteristics by referring back to peer reviewed articles. Preceptors are essential and irreplaceable in the…show more content…
The preceptor must be accountable and easily accessible; they must be accountable for whatever advice is given to another nurse. If a nurse is in need of some counseling or advice, the preceptor needs to be readily accessible for the nurse to be able to get help or advice as needed and as often as required to help guide them in their nursing profession transition. Personal Preceptor Experience I had an excellent preceptor in nursing school and once I graduated and became a nurse. I will be describing them both and how they were helpful. In nursing school I was able to have the director of the nursing program as a mentor. She took it upon herself to offer her advice and help whenever she saw I was struggling and needed the advice and help of another. When trying to do well on test she was easily accessible, I was able to make an appointment with her and she actually went over practice questions with me. She broke down the question and helped me to see how I should be thinking when looking at any question. She was honest with me in giving me feedback when she seen my test scores and praised me when I did well. However; when I would not do so well on an exam she would take me aside and ask me what happen, how I was feeling, and help me understand what she thought the problem was and what she thought would help next time so I would do a better job. She was there to support me every time I needed it,
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