Professional Field Observation Report

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Step one on being a faculty member
I have always been interested in academia! That’s why I picked academic pharmacy and professional leadership rotation with Dr. Phelps as my second priority when I had to prioritize my favorite rotations during the Fall 2015 semester. The moment I saw it scheduled for me, I knew it would be a great experience for me to expand my academic background and to improve my professional skills. On the second of May, Jonathan and I started our rotation by meeting Dr. Phelps and introducing ourselves, then Dr. Phelps gave us a brief overview of the academic rotation objectives. We were instructed to work on different projects, self-improvement certifications, building syllabi, and assisting academic administrators if
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I came to enjoy many moments of self-improvement and personal development. I attended a strengths finder course with Dr. Phelps as I found out my strengths after taking the Strengthsfinder 2.0 exam to be “focus, significance, analyst, achiever and learner”. I even learned more about myself after our discussion with Dr. Phelps about emotional intelligence as it considered a driving force for career success. Furthermore, we were advised to take IHI patient safety certification, which I had them done before of the first week, then I decided to take IHI leadership course which was a great course. Honestly, I feel grateful for this opportunity to have had this rotation with Dr. Phelps and Dr. McDonough. Similarly, I feel blessed to have had their advice and wisdom by my side. Finally, I have been extremely lucky to be surrounded by a wonderfully cooperative team. I certainly enjoyed my time, and, hopefully, this will establish my foundation to become a faculty member one day who helps to improve pharmacy education and therefore the pharmacy profession in Saudi
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