Professional Football: A Life Or Death Game

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The Life or Death Game “Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” Vince Lombardi once said this, and many people will agree that football is more than just a game, it is indeed, a way of life. The real question is, is this game we call football truly safe or not? Even though many retired National Football League players are at a battle with the effects of brain damage, the NFL’s concussion protocol is the best that it has ever been and continues to advance. The league has donated millions of dollars to research concussions and to help better educate the players, and also they have been advancing equipment and enforcing tougher penalties toward head-to-head…show more content…
Now during NFL games, on the sideline there is a neurologist, that helps recognize if anything is seriously wrong with a player and their functions. It also is a lot harder to come back into the game. If you are suspected of having a concussion, they take you off the field and you go do exams that you have done before the concussion, to see if anything has changed at all. Many people don’t get to go back on the field that easy and may be out for weeks. The testing continues on even after the game, days later to see if you get any of the effects then. If all is looking good in the brain, the player will be able to get back doing physical activity and then later back into playing the game. With knowing the possible injuries of concussions, the NFL has put millions of dollars into research to better understand what happens and what hits cause them. “The committee was debunked so widely that the league, under the leadership of Roger Goodell, has taken an entirely different tack. Now it invests money into more research. Now it hangs posters in every locker room to "educate" players about whether or not they may be experiencing brain injury.” (Zirin) This has seemed very helpful, considering the amount of concussions from…show more content…
One reason being that the league has donated millions of dollars to research of concussions, but more importantly they are disciplining their players better with better coaching, and tougher penalties. The advancements in equipment is just another bonus to concussion reduction in the league. So do you think the NFL is protecting its players good
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