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Statement of Professional Goals I consider myself a born and raised New Yorker, but that statement is only half true. My parents emmigated from Bangladesh to Canada in the late 1980s, and a few years later in 1994, I was born there. I was brought up there for only 6 months of my life before moving and staying in New York. It may not be the most interesting thing in the world, but rarely do I ever meet any Canadians, unless I am back ‘home’ visiting family. My parents did not know what kind of aspirations to have when they relocated and immigrated to the United States. A viable standard of living and a sufficient amount of money in the bank was their daily motivation to achieve the American Dream. Their actions have not been solely for their benefit as they only ever wanted to make sure…show more content…
I had not done it for the money, but rather for the experience of constantly being in an environment where I had to interact with people. I learned a lot in the way of using computerized systems for maintaining inventory, understanding company finances, and organizing stock. I learned to speak to people and deal with situations where the customer may not always be right. Even so, I was able to find composure and handle situations in a professional manner. My uncle also owns two other pharmacies where I offered my assistance, especially after significant company setbacks. This work experience is partly the reason why I chose my major in Economics because it opened my mind to the prospects of potentially having my own business one day too. No one small aspect can be overlooked and that is what majoring in Economics has taught me. Understanding macroeconomic and microeconomic concepts have allowed me to see the two-tiered layers of the financial world, and all the layers in
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