Professional Growth And Future Goal

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Professional Growth and Future Goal My teaching career began twenty years ago with the enthusiasm and the love of teaching I still have today. From the day I graduated from Texas Tech University with a teaching degree, certified to teach first through eighth graders, I knew I would inspire many students. I have been very blessed in my years of teaching. I have learned to work in stressful situations where high expectations of state mandate scores were expected. I have worked with teachers who worked independently and closed the door to collaboration. However, I have also worked for many supportive schools and districts over the years who hired teachers who were effective in collaboration, listened to colleagues and built positive relationships within the professional learning community. I found during those years while working in the positive environment I learned to grow from a good teacher to a great teacher. However, I could bring more to my professional career and I was committed to improving my profession through the teacher leadership program. I have grown immensely over the course of my studies. Once I began my studies in teacher leadership I was asked by my principal if I would be interested in becoming an instructional support specialist for our campus. I was elated to begin to apply my knowledge from my course of study into my daily profession. To begin, I learned the importance of assessments and its relationship to instruction across the campus. Helping
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