Professional Growth V : Nurses Influencing Change

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Assignment # 3 – Leadership in a Change Project
Jamie Johnston
LUSL 4076: Professional Growth V: Nurses Influencing Change
Dr. Nancy Sears
March 28, 2015

Leadership in a Change Project
The nursing profession is advancing rapidly and change is common and essential. Nurse leaders hold an important position and influence the success of organizational change. Organizational change occurs as a result of imposed outside restrictions or as a result of internal pressures or opportunities that result in changes and modifications in the organizations goals, structure, environment, technology, or programs.(Kelly & Crawford,2013). Planned organizational change involves effective leadership to ensure the change is successful.
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The strengths identified during the environmental scan of the family health team include; mostly supportive staff, quality health teaching resources and computer program to assist with implementation of the project. Weaknesses represent organizational factors that may hinder the success of the project. The weaknesses that may affect the proposed project include; lack of support from one or two of the physicians, technical issues with software, inability to locate up to date copies of some of the resources, and lack of time. Opportunities are external factors the project use to its advantage or benefit from. The opportunities created as a result of the proposed change project include; less wasted time during appointments, better organization, improved patient care, and possible collaboration with other sites associated with the team I am working with. Threats are described as external factors that may put the project at risk. I do not anticipate any threats with implementation of the project, but there may be some resistance with implementation at other sites because it would be added work that someone would have to assume responsibility for; because everyone is so busy it might be hard to get a volunteer. (Harrison, 2010; Kelly & Crawford, 2013 & Stamler & Yiu, 2012).
After the environmental scan, I discussed my idea with my preceptors, got approval from the program manager, and proposed my idea at a staff meeting. An
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