Professional Helper Analysis

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There are a few strengths that I bring to the role of professional helper. The first one is that I already have some experience in being a helper. I know the basics of being a helper, and I can only grow from here. Another strength that I have is that I am empathic. I can listen to people when they talk about their difficulties in life, and offer advice and help if they want it. Sometime all a person wants is an open ear for them to just talk to, and I am good at doing that too. I also am calm and patient. Being a preschool teacher has taught me how to stay calm in stressful situation along with being patient when something does not go the way I planned it.
Just like every human I bring some vulnerabilities to the professional helper role. One vulnerability that I bring is that I have social anxiety. For the most part it
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The first is working with children, it is an area in which I already have experience in. I know I love working with children, so I think this one will always be one of my interests no matter what field I go into to. Another area of interest is the elderly, which is the population that I am working with right now. I love the place I am volunteering at right now, the people who live and work there are amazing and have left such a wonderful impression on me. It is something I am considering continuing when I am competed with college. Another group I am interested in is the homeless because I have been homeless. I cannot understand the full situation they are going through, because if it is not your life you can never truly understand, but I have been in their place before and I can empathize with them about their homelessness. I am not reluctant to working in different in settings or populations, I am open to working with different groups of populations, even if I would have to learn more of their culture or learn more about their problem before working with
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