Professional High School Athletes Essay

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Professional High School Athletes

Today's athletes are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever. A man can run 325 feet in less than ten seconds. A man can jump fifty inches vertically off his flat feet. There is an instinct in everyone that makes him or her wonder, "how do they do that?" or "I want to be like that!" These athletes are breaking boundaries every year, setting new standards and higher bars. These athletes are also getting younger… much younger. This causes much debate on how young is too young to be the best? Is it possible to be too young? Is it unconstitutional to hold them back, from their highest potential? Are we ruining a child's life, by holding them back with, of all things, school? This is the
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High schools rely on sports as an attention grabber, and a source of income. Any school corporation that does not have sports, as it's second priority is a failing school corporation. The teachercoaches play a very important role in these student's lives. They are the ones who spend the extra two to three hours outside of the classroom with the athlete. Paying these people more is definitely worth the money. Most high school athletes are looking for one thing, stardom. They want to shine as bright as they can, as much as they can. Sometimes it makes one wonder if these students just slip by in high school academics, and do anything and everything they can to be the next Kevin Garnett or J.D. Drew, or Ty Tryon. An excerpt from article "Go Pro, Young Man" in The Daily Illini, reads; "Hi, I'm 6-foot-9, I have a 40-inch vertical, long arms and I'm a rebounding machine. In short, I got game. I love basketball too. I have been blessed. Scouts love me. I am a certain lottery pick in the NBA draft. I can't pass up this opportunity, and so I will go ahead and declare myself ready to be entered into the NBA draft. By the way- did I mention that I am only 18 years old? It's true- in about a month I will be going to the prom. I am excited about that. But it's been real weird lately. Ever since I
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