Professional Identity As A Nurse Identity

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Title: Using examples relevant to your discipline, define professional identity as it relates to health and human service delivery and discuss how industry, professional and quality agencies guide the provision of the safe and effective patient or client care in your discipline.

Professional identity has become a necessary concept to employees who are working in a health and human-serviced environment because it comprehends the image and perceptions of individuals that has based on the way she/ he performs a job or operates within their career field (Brott & Myers, 1999; Smith & Robinson, 1995). Therefore, in nursing occupation, professional identity is considered to be the most important concept that to prove their patients their skills and knowledge in their field. This essay further focuses on the precise definition of professional identity as well as nursing identity, the key industry and quality agencies and association that set standards, guidelines, and codes of practice in nursing and how industry and professional agencies monitor the quality of care and services in professional nursing.

Professional identity is defined as a consciousness of the roles of functions which one executes or can anticipate accomplishing in a social context as a member of the individual profession (Sharma,1998; Olesen, 2001). Indeed, professional identity is the arrangement of social identity that is associated with group cooperation at the workplace and the difference between…
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