Professional Identity Of Social Workers

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What the debate around the professional identity of social workers is as presented in the book? Dr. Flexner described the identity of social work as “not being a profession because its practice was not based on a systematic body of knowledge and theory which lacked the authority to given by professionals” (Specht & Courtney, 1994, P. 87). He later pointed out, “social workers usually acted as staff in assisting those of other professional such as doctors and attorneys” (Specht & Courtney, 1994, P. 87). In conclusion, he stated that social workers were not considered as professionals as, “they lacked a systematic body of knowledge to understand the problems of their clients and the ability to prescribe action by which to help them” (Specht & Courtney, 1994, P. 87). I found it interesting to be listed as the help, yet not capable to be taken serious as a profession. Professional identity of social work stems from the understanding of one’s perspective of their roles in their field of profession which are found by one’s values, beliefs, and experiences. Without the assistance of the social workers, would the doctors and attorneys be seen as so successful? In retrospect, the authors speak on the importance of social workers and how they very needed. “The depression and the world war drew the profession back momentarily to social concerns and provided a social context for the emergence of social group work and community organization as social work specializations” (Specht &
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