Professional Images As Nurses As Well

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our professional images as nurses as well. Punctuality may not seem like a major issue when appearing professional, but can have a major effect on your working environment. If a nurse suspects that they are going to be late or absent, it is important that they inform their superiors (Medcom, 2012). When a nurse is absent for any period of time during the shift, it can put strain on their fellow workers by increasing their workload (Medcom, 2012). Another aspect of professionalism is being able to give and receive constructive criticism to grow as a professional. Nurses often work as a team while in the workplace and it is important to aid other colleagues while at work (Medcom, 2012). By providing assistance to other nurses while on the job, it makes the workload for all the nurses easier. Every now and again there may be a situation where a nurse is asked to do something that is not their job. By accepting this task, the nurse will help their facility to run more smoothly and efficiently (Medcom, 2012). From time to time, disagreements will develop among coworkers. In order to remain professional, nurses should practice dispute resolution (Medcom, 2012). If an argument should arise be sure to think before answering or acting (Medcom, 2012). Also try to remain objective and see if the other person has a valid point (Medcom, 2012). The nurse should back away and appeal to their supervisor if the argument cannot be resolved (Medcom, 2012). As nurses it is our job to put the…
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