Professional Improvement Plan For Students

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Professional Improvement Plan As an educator my beliefs regarding education and my overall student teaching experiences go way beyond the basic stand and delivery mode. Student teaching consists of rigorous lesson planning, creating innovative ideas, and finding ways to deliver the information so it will reach each student in the classroom regardless of his or her disability. In fact, collaborative special education is a field that crosses all borders; therefore as a teacher it is indicative that one creates the proper atmosphere for each student on a case-by-case basis. Having afforded the opportunity to student teach allows a teacher to experience the responsibility to plan for all class periods, and even make modifications for the…show more content…
In order to meet the needs of the population that is assigned to a classroom it is important to research the background of each student in order to be of assistance to each of their diverse learning styles. Personal Core Beliefs:  Each student will be given the opportunity to a fair and equal right to education in my classroom.  I believe that I will be a true mentor and will make efforts to guide them in the correct way that they should go.  I will create a safe and warm atmosphere that will allow the students to prepare for learning.  Teaching in my classroom will be student-centered and students will be held accountable for their learning and modification of his or her behavior.  Will attempt to create an atmosphere of where each student learns to work independently on his or her level to avoid learned helplessness at all cost.  Every child and student will be nurtured and pushed to grow within my classroom.  As an educator I will ensure that the lesson plans are relatable, engaging, and they will in fact impact the lives if each student.  I will also initiate discourse in where students will teach the class at times to ensure that they feel that their opinions matter within the classroom. During the student teaching weeks I have developed some strengths in which will assist my overall teaching skills going forward. One in particular, when students enter my classroom I have
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