Professional Issues Assignment Part 1

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Student Name Student No. Course code Semester n, 201n Professional Issues Assignment Part 1 Executive summary This report is based on ERP system that is tested by Luke Jackson, an experienced and well valued test analyser. He tested the ERP system that was formed by Erika Flynn and her team mates. Luke monitored the ERP system by checking its ability and performance during a security operation. The system allows an interface by introducing third party to fulfil the requisition. Due Date: time, dd/mm/yy Lecturer: David Tuffley Campus (NA, LG, GC): Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Analysis 3 2.1. Legal factors 3 2.2. Professional factors 3 2.3. Employment and Social factors 3 2.4. Personal factors 3 2.5. Intrinsic…show more content…
1.1. Legal factors Factor 1, Erika Flynn who had a disadvantaged background was appointed as a manager of state government department that provide security policy to other networks. Factor 2, Jason Congreve has been found some unauthorised section in the ERP system as well as some Vulnerability, which may hamper the entire system. He discussed with Erika as well as Elizabeth to resolve those problems. 1.2. Professional factors Factors 1, Elizabeth had conversation with Erika about the ERP problem and finally conclude a proper decision that this problem is forwarded to the testing departments to make the system reliable. Factor 2, Luke Jackson an experienced test analyser has tested the ERP system and found that some interface allowed third party to fulfil the requirement of that ERP system. Factor 3, this responsibility was performed by Luke after sudden departure of Bernard Spillsbury. Luke analysed that his two analysed performance will not satisfy the required work. Bothe the analysis required more time to monitor the ERP system accurately. 1.3. Employment and Social factors Factor 4, Luke had put some training period as well as some relevant workshop to check the ERP system properly but both the analysis were facing difficulty to fulfil the major requirements of the entire system. Factor 5, Luke found himself to increase the speed of monitoring the ERP system by facing pressure from the upper
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