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DIK7230 Assignment Two – A. Shuttleworth Professional Issues Assignment. Introduction In this assignment, I will review the debate on professionalism. Looking at the teacher as a professional and discussing their professionalism. I will highlight the differences and the similarities between professionalism in education and several other professional vocations. I will discuss the shifting views of professional status of both mainstream teachers and FE teachers, and developments and where I see the FE sector heading. I will go on to review conceptions of reflective practice in the context of professionalism, focussing on several models of reflection. I will review my own values and continuing development needs in both the…show more content…
The statement later goes on to explain ‘The government’s agenda’ in ‘achieving the best possible practice from every classroom practitioner is the key.’ This is a fair statement and best possible practice should be what we as professionals are working toward. However: ‘the Government is approaching this aim through heavily managerialist institutions, with formal mechanisms of inspection, assessment and appraisal, measuring performance and setting targets, and offering rewards for those who improve and sanctions for those who do not.’(ATL 2005, p.2). It is this approach by the government, over the years, which has shifted the views on teacher professionalism. The erosion of creativity and autonomy reduces the need to reflect and as the ATL states ‘Review and reflection may be pointless in an environment where the teacher is or feels powerless to innovate, where decisions and changes are always imposed from above.’ (ATL 2005, p3). There is a further question that requires our attention, and it is that of professionalism within the Further Education sector. Spenceley (2006,p.289) highlights ‘the much contested concept of professionalism in the context of Further Education (FE).’ She explains how professionalism in teaching, other than in the PCET sector, is ‘inculcated and fostered’ by stating ‘Most entrants come to the profession following a long period of higher education focusing on a specific,
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