Professional Knowledge : Cognitive Development

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Professional Knowledge

Cognitive Development
The students I teach attend Frayser Elementary Achievement School, students’ ages range from 7 years of age to nine years of age. It is important for me to enhance my knowledge base in cognitive development, behavior expectations, educational theorist and classroom management best practices to ensure students are learning in an environment that is conducive to their social and academic growth.
Jean Piaget places cognitive development into stages by age and suggests four mental stages for children from birth to age 21 years of age. Piaget’s four mental stages of cognitive development are Sensory Motor, Preoperational Stage, Concrete Operational Stage and Formal Operational Stage.
The initial phase of Piaget’s model, Sensory Motor, arises from the birth of the child up to around two years old. Throughout this time the infant is trying to recognize his/her new setting. This understanding is restricted to the child’s according to Gregory (Date) “sensory perceptions and motor activities” (P. 112) Infants and toddlers explore the world and know the world exist around them. They look to adults to set boundaries as they orally explore the world by placing objects in their mouths. Mentally exploring as they grow older.
According to Piaget, the Pre Operational stage begins when children reach the ages of two up to six years old. The Pre operational stage is considered the stage in which children operate in a world that revolves around
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