Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper

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Running Head: PROFESIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES PAPER Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper University of Phoenix GEN 200 Instructor: December 20, 2010 Career success is something that most individuals set out to accomplish at some point during their life time. Although earning a college degree or a professional certification within a certain field of study is certainly the first step to take towards career success and job fulfillment. It is none-the-less, just as significant to further one’s own skills, knowledge, and abilities by participating and getting involved in widely known organizations or associations that promote the development of professional knowledge and abilities in their specific field…show more content…
AHIMA has been over-seeing and certifying skilled HIM professionals since 1933 and has 52 chapters in and around the United States. AHIMA members are committed to over-seeing successful and effective management of personal health information that is necessary for the healthcare industry to deliver quality healthcare to the public (AHIMA, 2010). HIMSS, which was founded in 1961, and whose main purpose it is to promote the most effective and best way to utilize health information technology and management systems within the healthcare industry; also supply’s a public forum for more than 23,000 individuals as well as 380 corporate members whose focus is on healthcare IT (HIMSS & Society, 2010). They meet for open discussions using education, advocacy, and collaboration to further their mission in designing, carrying-out, and managing security protection programs in different kinds of healthcare settings and organizations (HIMSS & Society, 2010). Some of the members involved in the discussions include students, various stakeholders, healthcare professionals, physicians, consultants, IT vendors, and anyone else who is interested in the health IT industry (HIMSS & Society, 2010). Since privacy and security issues continues to be the main focal point and concern in the streamlining and sharing of patient information, both AHIMA and HIMSS sponsor and provide the “Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security (CHPS) credential
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