Professional Land Surveying Is Performing A Professional Service For Physically Locate A Monument

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One practice that constitutes professional land surveying is performing a professional service to physically locate a monument. Another service a land surveyor would provide is locating existing property lines or showing where those lines should be based on the original surveys done. A third service a land surveyor can practice is surveying a property’s subdivision with the intent of combing properties. Another service a land surveyor can perform is construction layout, by laying out positions or elevations for the project. A fifth practice that constitute land surveying is conducting an investigation over a property rights dispute.
2. ORS 672.005 A professional engineer can do surveying work. Although they are limited in the state of Oregon to “determine area or topography, establish lines, grades or elevations or estimate quantities of materials, design for construction layout” (ORS672.005) Professional engineer in the state of Oregon cannot locate monuments or reestablish lost monuments.
3. ORS 672.045 A surveyor can lose their license by doing any of the following: by falsely representing that you can legally practice engineering, land surveying, or photogrammetry, by attempting to use another person’s certificate as your own, by using or trying to use an expired certificate, By impersonating another professional, by practicing engineering, land surveying, or photogrammetric mapping when not qualified, by buying, selling or obtaining a certificate in other illegal
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