Professional Leadership And Communications For Healthcare Essay

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Evolution of Me Professional leadership and communications for healthcare has been an eye-opening course. My learning report used many words that caused bio-reactions that were unexpected. As we followed through the conversation meter and the laws of communication I become more in tune that I lack high value communications. This class has brought forward an awareness of my shortcomings, but has given me the skills to improve. During the working style assessment. I was found to be effortless in the examine and execute dynamics. As a member, these groups I find my strengths rely heavily on the organization, control, and clear facts. Learning comes easier to me when in the traditional learning style of lectures and readings. When learning is attempted in a less structured, or group project my desire is to avoid the situation. When working in a non-traditional learning situation, I feel increased stress. My heart rate increases, my concentration is diminished and I become over skeptical. With that knowledge when building a team. I would look for people with the excite or explore dynamics. I need those dynamics in my group to complete the success satisfaction cycle. To achieve a balanced outcome. Over the course of my career, I have had ongoing issues with my communication style. I now realized that the listening mode that I rely often is the sincerity mode. This week a coworker was showing me photos while telling me their context. During the conversation, I noted I was
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