Professional Leadership Framework : Strengths And Weaknesses

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Professional Leadership Framework
Strengths & Weaknesses Based on my previous experience, I fit into what Jack Zenger describes in “Developing Strength or Weaknesses” as the second group where I do not have the extreme strengths or fatal flaws falling into the fiftieth percentile (Zenger, 2010). In the past, I partook in a leadership self-assessment, and I believe the results of the assessment are accurate. As a result, the self-assessment highlighted my fortes, including teamwork and the leadership ability others, perceive in me. Collaboration has become the biggest area of focus and the realization that accomplishments come from helping those around me reach their goals. In addition, I love assisting organizations and individuals achieve excellence. I believe others appreciate my leadership panache and aptitude to accomplish individual or organizational plans. In my non-profit work, I chair or lead a project and on numerous occasions, after just a year or two on board, they demand I become an officer. In general, individuals realize qualities in me I cannot appreciate in myself. Generally speaking, the self-assessment correctly reflects my weaknesses too, including handling conflict and bargaining. Conflict is an area I shy away from and avoid it if possible. Furthermore, bargaining is part of becoming an excellent leader, nevertheless; I am not always contented negotiating. In the end, I am a results-oriented leader, so after a brief negotiation, I want to
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