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Professional Leadership Portfolio of NGUYEN XUAN NAM Name: Nguyen Xuan Nam ID: S68770 Major: Business Management Minor: Leadership Development College: Cambridge International College Australia Abstract Missions and goals Education, Experience and Skill Leadership Motivation Leadership Style Leadership Behaviour Leadership Feedback Key to success References Abstract In any trading field from the smallest to the biggest, a successful business always requires a good leader and group of best qualified staffs. But good leadership is the most important key to lead the business achieve its goals in the best efficient way. In this portfolio I will demonstrate my professional way of managing and also my leadership skills after…show more content…
of Australia Branch Skill Computer skills - 3 months professional designer trainee program degree Leadership skills - managing workplace conflicts, motivating staffs, creating a friendly workplace environment. Problem solving - make careful decisions and be ready for any problem might happen Various knowledge - able to answer and help my employees if they have some questions about outside workplace fields. Leadership Motivation “We need leaders who add value to the people and the organization they lead; who work for the benefit of others and not just for their own personal gain. Leaders who inspire and motivate, not intimidate and manipulate; who live with people to know their problems in order to solve them and who follow a moral compass that points in the right directions regardless of the trends.” Mary Kay Ash Quotes - Leadership and People Skills Strategy for Business Owners The article strongly illustrate the important of motivation in leadership. Employees always need a leader who understand them, stay with them as part of the group to solve the problem with them. And one more point is to be motivated by their leader through communicating or awards when they achieve their mission with highly efficient result. I would apply Love-based Motivation which help employees feel that they are

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