Professional Nurse And A Baccalaureate Nurse

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In the nursing world today, the type of degree a nurse holds is usually not something others pay attention to. The main focus is teamwork and providing the safest, timeliest, and best quality care for the patients. It is becoming increasingly clear that maintaining and improving the health of the population requires team-based care (Landman, Aannestad, Smoldt, & Cortese 2014). While nurses provide care for patients, it is difficult to differentiate between an associate degree nurse and a baccalaureate degree nurse. I have always found it easier to tell the new, less experienced nurses from the more experienced nurse that has been practicing for years. After starting the RN-BSN, I have now been able to see the differences that will affect…show more content…
The baccalaureate degree includes populations and communities in this collaboration. (Texas Board of Nursing, 2011). When reflecting back on the RN-BSN program and the all the research and papers I did on evidence-based practice, I now understand why. I now know the differences in an associate degree nurse and a baccalaureate degree nurse, and the competencies of both. As I pursued my associate degree, I was taught the fundamental basics of nursing, including developing care plans and performing everyday nursing skills to take care of patients. The main differences I have noticed while completing my bachelor degree is the importance of research, leadership, and public health. A baccalaureate degree nurse is better educated when it comes to stressful situations, and able to make quick, spur of the moment decisions to help keep patients safe. I felt that each course in the RN-BSN program helped me to understand the importance of research for that particular course. I believe I will take what I learned while researching for specific topics with me, as I provide patient centered care as a baccalaureate prepared nurse. All the courses in the RN-BSN program emphasized patient safety and providing patient-centered care for not only the patient and families, but the community too. These are learning outcomes that are the basis of everyday nursing
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